Available Sites
  PortalID Site Name Homepage Link
1 AD Addington Court Golf Centre http://www.addingtoncourt-golfclub.co.uk/ Select
2 AQ Gloucester Golf Club http://www.gloucestergolf.com/ Select
3 AR Pentland Golf http://www.pentlandgolf.co.uk/ Select
4 AU Brickhampton Court Golf Complex http://www.brickhampton.co.uk/ Select
5 AX Sweetwoods Park Golf Club http://www.sweetwoodspark.com/ Select
6 BK The Buckinghamshire http://www.buckinghamshiregc.com/ Select
7 BM Beadlow Manor Golf Club http://www.beadlowmanor.co.uk/ Select
8 BO Boston West http://www.bostonwest.co.uk/ Select
9 BZ Bulbury Woods Golf Club http://www.bulbury-woods.co.uk/ Select
10 CA Cams Hall Estate Golf Club http://www.camshallgolf.co.uk/ Select
11 CE Cottesmore Golf and Country Club http://www.cottesmoregolf.co.uk/ Select
12 CF China Fleet Country Club http://www.china-fleet.com/ Select
13 CROWN CROWN Golf http://www.crown-golf.co.uk/ Select
14 CS Chesfield Downs Golf Club http://www.chesfielddownsgolf.co.uk/ Select
15 CY Cottingham Parks http://www.cottinghamparks.co.uk/ Select
16 CZ Cookridge Hall Health and Fitness http://www.cookridgehall.co.uk/ Select
17 DV Darenth Valley Golf Course http://www.dvgc.co.uk/ Select
18 EC Eccleston Park Golf Club http://www.ecclestonparkgolf.co.uk/ Select
19 EN Essendon Country Club http://www.essendoncc.com/ Select
20 ESP ESP Demo Course http://www.e-s-p.com/ Select
21 FA Farleigh http://www.farleighfox.co.uk/ Select
22 FI Foyle Golf Centre http://www.foylegolfcentre.co.uk/ Select
23 GP Garon Park Golf Complex http://www.garonparkgolf.co.uk/ Select
24 HA Hampton Court Palace Golf Club http://www.hamptoncourtgolf.co.uk/ Select
25 HE The Hertfordshire Golf and Country Club http://www.thehertfordshiregolf.co.uk/ Select
26 HR Harleyford Golf Club http://www.harleyfordgolf.co.uk/ Select
27 LA Lakeside Lodge http://www.lakeside-lodge.co.uk/ Select
28 LH Little Hay Golf Complex http://www.sportspace.co.uk/TopMenuRoot/LittleHayGolf.aspx Select
29 LL National Tennis Centre http://www.lta.org.uk/ Select
30 LM Les Mielles http://www.lesmielles.com/ Select
31 LN Langdon Hills Golf Club http://www.golflangdon.co.uk/ Select
32 MA Magnolia Park Golf Club http://www.magnoliapark.co.uk/ Select
33 MI Milford Golf Club http://www.milfordgolf.co.uk/ Select
34 ML Mill Green Golf Club http://www.millgreengolf.co.uk/ Select
35 MW Merrist Wood Golf Club http://www.merristwood-golfclub.co.uk/ Select
36 MYTIME Mytime Active http://www.mytimegolf.co.uk/ Select
37 OA Oak Park Golf Club http://www.oakparkgolf.co.uk/ Select
38 OM Ombersley Golf Club http://www.ombersleygolfclub.co.uk/ Select
39 OS Overstone Park Ltd http://www.overstonepark.com/ Select
40 PA Paultons Golf Centre http://www.paultonsgolf.co.uk/ Select
41 PE Pendle Leisure Ltd http://www.pendleleisuretrust.co.uk/ Select
42 PM Portsmouth Golf Centre http://www.portsmouthgolfcentre.co.uk/ Select
43 PR Pine Ridge Golf Club http://www.pineridgebowl.co.uk/ Select
44 PY Pyrford Golf Club http://www.pyrfordgolf.co.uk/ Select
45 PZ Panshanger Golf Complex http://www.finesseleisure.com/ Select
46 QQ Yaucht Club http://www.e-s-p.com/ Select
47 RC Roehampton Club http://www.roehamptonclubmembers.co.uk/ Select
48 RS Royal Southern Yacht Club http://www.royal-southern.co.uk/ Select
49 RU Rustington Golf Centre http://www.rgcgolf.com/ Select
50 SA Stapleford Abbotts Golf Club http://www.staplefordabbottsgolf.co.uk/ Select
51 SB Stock Brook Country Club http://www.stockbrook.com/ Select
52 SE Sherfield Oaks Golf Club http://www.sherfieldoaksgolf.co.uk/ Select
53 SO South Essex Golf Centre http://www.southessexgolf.co.uk/ Select
54 ST Stockley Park http://www.stockleyparkgolf.co.uk/ Select
55 SU Sunbury Golf Centre http://www.sunburygolf.co.uk/ Select
56 TB The Bristol Golf Club http://www.bristolgolfclub.co.uk/ Select
57 TC The Chase Golf Club http://www.thechasegolf.co.uk/ Select
58 TR Trent Lock Golf Centre http://www.trentlock.co.uk/ Select
60 WA The Wynyard Club http://www.wynyardgolfclub.co.uk/ Select
61 WI Wickham Park Golf Club http://www.wickhamparkgolf.co.uk/ Select
62 WL The Wiltshire Hotel, Golf and Leisure Club http://www.the-wiltshire.co.uk/ Select
63 WM West Midlands Golf Club http://www.wmgc.co.uk/ Select
64 WN South Winchester Golf Club http://www.southwinchestergolf.co.uk/ Select
65 WU West Hants Club http://www.westhants.co.uk/ Select
66 WV Windmill Village Golf Club http://www.windmillvillagehotel.co.uk/ Select
67 YC Cambridge Meridian http://www.cmgc.co.uk/ Select
68 BR Broke Hill Golf Club http://www.brokehillgolfclub.co.uk/ Select
69 BW Bowood http://www.bowood-golf.co.uk/ Select
70 CK Cookridge Hall Golf Club http://www.cookridgehall.co.uk/ Select
71 CO Collingtree Park Golf Club http://www.collingtreeparkgolf.com/ Select
72 CP Cottrell Park Golf Resort http://www.cottrellpark.com/ Select
73 CT The Nottinghamshire http://www.thenottinghamshire.com/ Select
74 ESP ESP Demo Course http://www.e-s-p.com/ Select
75 FR Frodsham Golf Club http://www.frodshamgolf.co.uk/ Select
76 GL Gaudet Luce http://www.gaudet-luce.co.uk/ Select
77 GLOBAL BookATee http://www.e-s-p.com/ Select
78 HQ Henley Golf and Country Club http://www.e-s-p.com/ Select
79 HY Heythrop Park Resort http://www.heythropparkgolf.co.uk/ Select
80 MN Manor House Hotel and Golf Club http://www.manorhousegolf.co.uk/ Select
81 NW Northumbrian Water Marathon http://www.nwl.co.uk/ Select
82 OS Overstone Park Ltd http://www.overstonepark.com/ Select
83 PB Princes Golf Club http://www.princesgolfclub.co.uk/ Select
84 SG Sutton Green Golf Club http://www.suttongreengc.co.uk/ Select
85 SV Sheffield International Venues Ltd http://www.sheffieldgolf.co.uk/ Select
86 SW Southwick Park Golf Club http://www.southwickparkgolfclub.co.uk/ Select
87 TV Three Rivers Club http://www.threeriversclub.com/ Select
88 WG Willow Valley Golf Club http://www.wvgc.co.uk/ Select
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