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We have been running ESP software systems for several years now. When we merged our membership packages, we were delighted that ESP were able to develop a full working solution for our requirement. Members can now erode their credit at any of our facilities, even though we do not charge the same price at all of them. Our food and drink business has grown beyond all recognition from a few years ago and managing this without such sophisticated software, applying members discounts etc would have been very cumbersome. We have been very impressed with the ESP team and are happy to recommend them to any other operator looking for efficiency, workability and a great backup service.

In a bid to attract the nomadic golfer the Altonwood Group decided to add a £299 category to their membership offerings.

This new category allows the member to use their £299 credit at any of the Groups five courses and the balance is reduced from a central point. This sounds very easy, but in reality running a system of such simplicity was much harder than you can imagine. One of the main issues to overcome was how did each course claim the correct amount of money for having its facilities used and it’s stock levels eroded.

Altonwood looked at all the suppliers of sophisticated software involved in the leisure industry. ESP won through due to their thorough and detailed approach which was based around installing a central server to run the whole booking and membership records system.

The flexible membership system has been a great success for the group. It was a very bold move, but one that is paying huge dividends and is probably best for those facilities which are owned and operated as a group with courses that have easy access to each other.