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ESP Leisure & GDPR

ESP Leisure & GDPR

Worried about GDPR? If so read on, and if you are REALLY interested you need to ACT NOW, as we only have limited dates available now until JUNE!

What ESP is doing?

As we move closer and closer to the new regulations that takes effect 25th May this year, more and more questions are being asked around GDPR and how it will impact your business, in relation to using Elite and Elite Live software. This document is designed to answer some of the questions around GDPR and how Elite software can help you, along with identifying areas you will need to consider for yourself.

Substantial development work has been undertaken within Elite V6 and Elite Live software, which having both installed are a prerequisite required for upgrading to the “Engage” module, which will help you meet GDPR guidelines.

Please Note, any GDPR or system related changes will only be made to Elite V6 & Elite Live.

What is Elite Doing?

The standard Elite Live platform allows you to create a unique username and password, we will shortly be adding the functionality for a user to cancel their Elite Live log in and be forgotten, removing their stored details on Elite Live.

What if Customer details are stored locally on Elite, and the Customers requests that his contact details are removed? In this event the customer record would need to be updated manually by site.

What if I am running AML?

You need to upgrade to Elite Live ASAP, as part of our thorough review we have identified how the log in details presented on AML no longer meets the GDPR guidelines, this was addressed and formed part of the Elite Live product now in place, enhancing the level of security provided.

Engageis the Elite module that contains our latest multi-platform functionality and works by generating automatic responses based on pre-set preferences. These responses are based around the customer journey and their activity.

For Engageto be activated, this module must be purchased in addition to Elite V6 & Elite Live providing the ability for members to manage their own marketing preferences and for you to include them if opted in for Communications from Elite.

In addition to Engagewe can also provide functionality to allow your customers to sign up online. This functionality is an add on and creates an online Elite Live user account, which will also populate and create an Elite record on site, providing the ability for customers to manage their own marketing preferences and for you to include them if opted in for Communications from Elite.

How does ESP store and manage data?

We store data from Elite Live, in line with current data protection laws, we hold data referenced to sites in relation to the Elite Live Authentication details, this data is held at our secure data hosting centre – UK Fast, see link for more details of their accreditations

What about the data stored locally on site on my server or on a virtual server?

In the event of dealing with a site query and should we need to with your written consent, we may be required to bring back data to investigate an issue with the software. Once completed we will safely delete the data held.

Will you have a Data Breach Policy in line with GDPR?

Yes amendments to our standard business terms and conditions will be made to reflect this.

Can I get a copy of the revised standard business terms?

Yes as part of the scope of works plans and ahead of the 25th May, all customers will receive an updated version for their records.

What happens if there is a Data Breach?

We have never had a breach in the history of E-S-P and have always taken security very seriously, in the extremely unlikely event of a Breach we would adhere to the guidelines of GDPR, and take all the appropriate measures accordingly.

Will I be able to complete bulk marketing emails directly from my Elite system?

No, we believe the time has run out for sending out mass untargeted communications, from our experience these often fail to make it past the spam or junk filters and very rarely yield any true return from investment.

I have more questions about GDPR and Elite and I don’t know the answers?

Each business is different and Elite functions in many different leisure environments, one of its many strengths is the flexibility and malleability offered according to the specific configuration parameters, as a result, no two instances of Elite are the same.

Should you have technical questions you wish us to investigate as a scope of work, please can you document this in full to your account manager to enable us to quote for the associated costs for completing this scope of works with you.

Outside of Elite

For data held and controlled outside of Elite, including 3rd party exports, external interfaces, we are unable to comment or identify potential risks for you.

All companies should be reviewing policies and procedures in place for the use and storage of all customer data. These include:

  • Consider how you store personal data both electronic & manual and what safe guards are in place
  • Consider how to provide evidence that the customer has given consent for their data to be used. The company must also be able to allow the customer to amend their preferences, which will include the customers right to be forgotten
  • Consider how passwords are used and controlled within the business

Important to note:

Elite V6 & Elite Live software with the use of “Engagealone WILL NOT make your company compliant with GDPR but will allow you to create internal procedures around the software, as the regulations cover the entire business including all the internal routines in place relating to the use and storage of personal data.

The regulation is very complex, therefore, reviewing internal policies and procedures will take time and resources. ESP would always recommend that you obtain the appropriate legal guidance from a qualified GDPR consultant.

The overall responsibility for GDPR compliance will sit with you, to ensure your procedures and polices comply with the regulation.


Useful link for all Companies preparing for the New Regulation

Any GDPR related changes and updates will only be made to Elite V6 & Elite Live.

To find out more about the services and products we offer, please contact your account manager or email us at

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