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Handicapping & Competitions

Elite Live’s comprehensive CONGU Handicap & Competition module provides the ability to manage competitions and handicaps from almost any device with an internet connection resulting in faster processing and more convenient administration for the handicap secretary.

Combined with our online member services and booking portal it provides a seamless experience for your members, visitors and handicap secretary alike, giving anytime access to bookings, competitions, statistics and much more.

Its customised design to match your Clubs own website enhances your clubs
brand and customers journey.

Handicap & Competition Management

  • CONGU unified handicapping system
  • Automatic uploads / downloads to the Centralised Database of Handicaps
  • Club officials can perform handicap tasks anywhere with internet access
  • Manage medals, stablefords, par/bogeys and many other common formats
  • Knockout competition management
  • Convenient online entry into club competitions
  • Competition results and statistical information
  • Up to date handicap list
  • Member access to full handicap record and handicap certificates

Player Score Input / Kiosk

  • Easy to use touch screen interface
  • Competition ‘Sign up’ and ‘Sign In’ including charging to members levy cards
  • Score Entry for competitions reducing competition administration time
  • Live competition leaderboard and hole by hole analysis

Member Services

  • Live statements of members levy account
  • Ability for members to top-up their levy account online
  • Access to members notices and messaging
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