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Center Parcs Spa Guests Book Online Thanks To ESP Leisure

The system is effective visually and easy to navigate. It’s easy to search availability and provides the ability to manage retail stock and rota management of therapists.

ESP Leisure software was introduced at the new Aqua Sana spa at Center Parcs Woburn Forest in the UK to provide an online booking service for guests.

Customer demand now fully drives rotas, where historically at the company’s spas it was the other way around, with all bookings being made via a contact centre or once they arrived on-site.

The result is reduced queues on arrival at the Aqua Sana booking desk while the software also gives the guest the convenience of planning their own itinerary. Day-to-day management of therapy columns has also become even more efficient.

The ESP software was already in use in other areas at Center Parcs villages such as leisure booking and cycle centres, so installing it at the Aqua Sana spas meant using one leisure system across the board and receiving one suite of reports.