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The client database retains detailed information that is instantly accessible to staff and manages client profiles, historical transactional and marketing information. The ability to email individual members and user-defined segments provides an innovative means of staying in touch with clients.
The system accommodates a diversity of membership levels and enables a membership card to be used for a whole range of purposes from an electronic access key to a payment card.
The system includes the ability to collect subscriptions by direct debit and can accommodate joining fees, rolling memberships and automatic renewals. Multiple direct debit runs can be completed during any given period.

Membership Renewal Management

Multiple membership categories

Operate multiple memberships within the same record. Elite provides a single record for members with multiple memberships, enhancing data integrity and reducing staff administration.

Multiple subscription charges

Flexibility in charging options. Makes it easy for the club to administer complex membership structures and ensures the member always pays the correct amount.

Variable subscription payment frequency and installment due dates

Enhances the subscription payment offering to the member and assists customer retention.

Charge to another member

Single record for each member whilst maintaining charges on one single ledger. Reduces administration for junior and family charging and billing.

Automated Invoicing

Produces invoices for subscriptions. Reduces administration overhead and ensures accurate and easy to understand billing for members.

Payment Request Letters

Templates can be configured to automatically produce a subscription renewal reminder. These are not financial documents ensuring you don’t pay VAT until your member pays you.

Double entry audit trail

Elite uses double entry accounting principles which means a balanced journal can be produced to automatically update the accounting system. Elite provides financial integrity and reduced staff administration. Elite also integrates to a wide range of accounting packages including SAGE.

Flexible management of family & corporate memberships

Multiple memberships can be administered from one master record. This reduces administration overhead and provides enhanced customer service

Direct Debit Management

Automated AUDDIS and Direct Debit process

Maintaining Direct Debit management in house. Elite can automatically install the direct debit installment process.

Sales Ledger Management

Integrated sales ledger

A unique double entry sales ledger with the ability to audit all activity within the ledger. Makes for easy administration of levy and credit account schemes.

Secure journal posting audit

Tracks every movement of the sales ledgers. Provides a quick and easy way to enter batches of cheques and payments to reduce mis-postings and errors.


Elite can be configured to produce invoices for subscriptions paid, ensuring accurate and easy to understand invoices for outstanding balances.

Real time debtor control

Keep track of individual outstanding debt records, providing an effective tool to avoid overdue accounts and bad debt.

Statement of account

Produce on demand statement of account. Elite provides an up-to-the-minute and concise document detailing outstanding transactions. Making it easy to collect outstanding monies and eliminating queries.

Ledger to ledger transfer

Transfer incorrect postings to the correct account. Elite provides a quick and easy way to move transactions between customer accounts.

Picture Capture

Picture capture at PoS

Provides enhanced security and member/visitor recognition. Provides an unobtrusive and convenient way to capture Photo Identification.

Picture identification visible on all terminals

Reduces fraudulent use of membership and ensures that charges are posted to the correct user.

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