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Elite Engage - Right Message, Right Customer, Right Time.

Elite Engage delivers highly personalised, targeted, autonomous communiques that takes customer interaction to the next level cutting through the noise with the perfect communication for each customer, every time.

The time has moved on from shotgun marketing – sending ten thousand un-targeted messages is a thing of the past – now is the time for a personalised message for every single person.

Elite Engage combines customer, content and context to create unique and relevant communications that exceed expectations and increase revenues without the need for any human intervention.

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Personalised Communications

Generate one to one communications with personalisation and context that ensures that your underlying message is clear.

Using customer specific data moulds your message to target the right customer at the right time.

Actionable Insights

Trigger automated messages with measurable offers and promotions to elevate conversion rates.

Measure on a customer by customer basis the effect of each message to be able to identify successful campaigns.

Behaviour Based Triggers

Understanding how your customers behave, matched with their preferences create real-time contextual messages that invite further interaction.

Elite Engage enables you to activate and engage with customers based on their behaviours which enables you to create relevant and persuasive content for each customer automatically.

Measurable Call To Action

Embedding measurable Call To Actions within your communications to understand the success of your message.

Understand and follow up on whether your Call To Action has had the desired effect shaping what the next message needs to contain.

Built In Message Editor

Elite Engage makes it easy to tailor every communication whether it’s an HTML email, SMS, or push notification.

Elite’s intuitive WYSIWYG interface enables you to instantly visualise your message and add brand assets, contextual content, live text, images, and custom HTML.

Templated Communications

Improve the brand experience by using standardised templates including automation for personalisation.

Store communication templates to enable Brand consistent communications including headers, footers and login processes.

Targeted Conditions

Create condition specific communication to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.

Use business logic to create segmentation which ensures that your message is only sent to relevant recipients.

Automated Correspondence

Generate messages to provide your customers with the pre-activity and post-visit communications they expect.

Enhance your customer’s journey to meet and exceed their expectations enabling ongoing engagement to convert more repeat business.

Membership Account

Update your members when their account status changes.

Keep your members engaged by letting them know that their membership is important and provide valuable insight to encourage retention.

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