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uVault Back-Up

Introducing uVault: a fully automated and diligent back-up agent that runs on your ESP server (on- site or hosted variants) to a
utomatically and securely back-up your entire Elite application and it’s associated data to a state of the art remote data centre.

Make your backup one less thing to worry about.

Smart Agent

Diligent uVault back-up agent automatically runs on your ESP server (on- site or hosted variants) hosting your Elite application and its associated data. No more relying on staff to ensure back-ups are performed for manual USB pens or tape cassette rotations.


Backup & Integrity

During a period of non-trade, an encrypted on-server (on-site) daily backup file is compiled via AES symmetrical algorithm. The compiled backup is restored to a staging area and tested for integrity via various methods including file count, size, cryptographic hash function ID and overall integrity. Once finalised, the restored data is removed and the backup file is automatically pushed off-site to the designated Microsoft Azure datacentre via the uVault smart agent, whilst at the same a copy is kept locally (on-site/ on-server)(1)(2)


256bit symmetric AES encryption with compression

The back-up is encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption prior to leaving your server to the datacenter.


128-bit SSL Transmission

Data is transferred using industry standard 128-bit SSL technology and is compressed to save time, bandwidth and storage.


Dedicated World Class Tier 4 Data Centre Storage

Encrypted server hard disk media (256-bit AES encrypted), 24/7 data centre security staff utilising state-of-the-art surveillance, electronic intrusion & detection systems with physical access strictly controlled by multi-factor authentication mechanisms and security breach alarms. HVAC temperature control environments, backup power generators, water presence detection and removal systems. Media sanitation techniques as per standard NIST 800-88  (3)


Data Retrievals For Up To 7 & 14 Day Prior Version

uVault cloud backup has a data retention policy of 7 days prior versions and on-site 14 days.  (5)


ESP Monitored Backups

Using our ESP server monitoring solution, uVault is proactively monitored live. ESP support are notified immediately should a failure occur enabling us to take any remedial steps required. Detailed backup report also supplied to our support team with every run.


Faster recovery times

Should disaster strike, retrieval of uVault cloud backup data takes minutes instead of hours, unlike older backup methods, and permits extra flexibility to get you back-up and running given disaster scenario.  (4)(5)


Negate Failures & Misplaced Data

Protects from failures encountered via older usb or tape backup methods which can be prone to hardware failures. Also ensures data does not end up in the wrong hands from misplaced backup media as well as abiding by data retention policies (ie: no old backup data laying dormant).

Contact Your Account Manager To Find Out More

(1) Whilst we do our best to ensure the validity of the backup data itself, as a data processor ESP Leisure Ltd does not use personal data of customers. The data is processed at the request of the data controller (the customer) for the sole purpose of a backup and recovery process. Should you the data controller wish to undertake a test of the backup data itself, this can be arranged per request to your account manager. As a minimum it is suggested to have your backups checked at least once a year (2) The default datacenter is the Microsoft London Azure datacenter with an option to backup to the Ireland Dublin Microsoft Azure datacenter given gdpr/ data regulations. Should there be a requirement to have your data stored in a different region, this can be arranged per request to your account manager. (3) Further information regarding datacenter security can be found here: us/azure/security/fundamentals/physical-security (4) The restoration times of your backup data all depend on the given disaster scenario, the size of the backup data set, internet line speed, availability of the datacenter & backup agent and the urgency of each request. (5) We are unable to guarantee that the backup data will always be available from items outside our control.

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