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Food & Beverage

From snack kiosks and take-away outlets to bars and fine-dining restaurants, the Elite Food & Beverage System will enable you to provide an efficient service to your customers.
The system includes a live stock system to control your orders, deliveries and stock check processes and reporting.
Automated discount schemes for members can be pre-programmed to provide a flexible environment for members whilst being transparent to visitors.
Elite is the only system that allows Food and Beverage operations to access the Club’s booking system from within the Point Of Sale, providing a higher level of customer service.

Point of Sale

Multiple Sales Areas

Financial reporting by sale outlet delivers cash control and reporting functionality that can be broken down into sales department.

Table Management

Follow me billing consolidates billing allowing the customer freedom of movement around the venue. The final invoice can be settled at any PoS.

Configurable Point of Sale layout

Customisable PoS configuration specific to sales outlet requirements ensures optimised PoS layout per device for maximum efficiency and minimal effort.

Multiple and split payment methods

Divide bill by Card, Cash or loyalty scheme to allow a group of customers to split a bill and pay by each individuals preferred method.

Access to booking system from all departments

Give your customer the freedom to book or view the system at any POS on site whilst provide flexibility with staffing requirements and enhanced customer convenience.

Order Management

Remote Table Ordering

Utilise the full capabilities of iPad and take your PoS terminal to the table of your customers which increases productivity and enhance customer service.

Dispense/ Kitchen printing

Orders are directed to specific areas and automatically printed eliminating hand written error and improving speed of service.

Product Based Modifiers

Menu items can be modified to a customer’s specific requirements giving the customer the freedom of choice they require and automatically communicates all modifications to the kitchen.

Management Tools

Sale Price Update

Automatic date driven pricing provides hassle free price updates in advance and targeted pricing by event.

Real time Stock Control

Accurate real time stock management limits pilferage and enables just in time reordering driving down wastage and maximising return on investment.

Management Reporting

Detailed analysis of performance and profitability gives management specific information to optimise product and staffing levels to increase venue yield.

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