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Enable your customers to maintain their account at a time that suits them

Elite Live’s Customer Account option enables your customers to update personal details, obtain club related documents. They can view their booking history and future bookings which reduces staff administration and improves customer service.

Customer Account

Real time link to membership database

Prevents lapsed members from booking providing increased security, revenue and control. Provides a seamless experience for members and simplifies club administration.

Members Profile

Update personal details online, club related documents including statement of account. View booking history and future bookings. This function reduces staff administration and improves customer service.

Member Information Online

Gives members easy and secure access to their club information including levy/account balance and past/future bookings.

Account Top Up

Enable your customers to keep their levy account topped up so they always have credit to spend at the bar.

Club Noticeboard

Promote your up and coming events to Members providing quick and easy access to information that you can share with your customers, reducing administration and staff overheads.

Member Messaging

Elite Live Messages enables you to send messages to selected members and for your members to send messages to each other which opens online communications between you and your customers reducing administration and management overhead.

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