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China Fleet


Our partnership with ESP has been established for 10 years, during this time we have introduced the Elite product to all areas of our diverse business. As a business we now have complete control and integration of our entire customer base allowing us to work more efficiently and effectively. Having all this information in one place the reports provided by the Elite product means we can make informed decisions to ensure our customers have a first class experience.

Starting life as a club for the Royal Navy and Royal Marines the China Fleet Country Club is steeped in military history, and has for decades provided first rate leisure facilities. The China Fleet Club in Saltash has proved to be a great success, targeting and appealing to a much larger range of members from military and ex-service personal through to local families and businesses. Now one of the region�s premier country club�s China Fleet offers extensive accommodation, a championship golf course, conferencing facilities, indoor swimming pool, badminton, squash and tennis courts along with fitness, health and beauty suites, U5�s cr�che and pre-school. As well as a superb a la carte restaurant, brasserie and bar, the club has something for everyone. The China Fleet Club has come a long way since its original establishment but its objectives remain the same, to provide the very best leisure and relaxation facilities for all of its members.


An organisation with separate computer systems in different departments, a number of customer databases spread throughout the site on a number of different platforms. Challenge To introduce a system that would provide a single database for all customers and members, to provide a standard Point of Sale with consistent cashing up procedures and reports, and to provide a single management report for the entire business. Solution Implement the Elite Resort Management System from ESP into all areas of the organisation.

  • CRM Module
  • Leisure Module
  • Spa Module
  • Golf Module
  • Driving Range Module
  • Retailing Module
  • PMS Link Benefits
  • Single database of members and customers
  • Reduce the overheads of managing two separate memberships by amalgamating the Golf & Leisure Membership departments.
  • Improve stock control, by providing a stock management solution.

Project Scale

The system was installed on a Hewlett Packard Proliant ML-350 Raid Server operating up to forty PC based devices connected through a Local Area Network. The application runs on ESP’s Elite Client platform. Each Client was installed on Windows XP based PC devices. Planning The entire project plan was created and managed by the ESP Project manager in close partnership with the China Fleet’s Project Manager. Regular meetings took place to discuss the progress of the project plan and to make necessary amendments to time scales.

Implementation Plan

A detailed implementation plan was created for the whole project. This plan was maintained by the ESP Project Manager. �Data Conversion Analysis Prior to the system’s installation, China Fleet kept details of its members in an existing system. The data was cleansed and exported into a csv format that was used to generate the Central Administration Database in ESP’s Integrated Management System. The central database is accessible and updated in real time by all venues.

Training Plan

The training plan needed to offer training to a large number of operators, who would attend training sessions. The training goal was specific, to gain the knowledge required to fully utilise the system, maximising business performance. The training was broken down into the different levels of management with different training sessions for Point Of Sale Operators, Supervisors, Managers and Administrators. There were also training sessions for the core staff that built and maintain the system. Go-Live Planning A �big bang �approach to go-live was necessary, so it was imperative that the planning ensured that all staff were trained, the entire infrastructure in place, and the system data build completed well in advance of the scheduled Go Live date.


Progress Meetings Throughout the whole development, build and implementation process, regular implementation progress meetings took place to allow Project Managers to ensure that the project was implemented within the designated time scale.

Customer Relationship Management

China Fleet Country Club uses the Elite Customer Relationship Management module to keep track of its large membership. A complex wide Golf and Leisure membership exists, and often overlaps. Members could be a 7 day golf member and an off peak leisure member. Members joining fees, subscriptions and union fees are controlled through this module. The Elite Direct Debit Module provides the membership management with a BACS submission for easy collection.

Corporate and society Sales ledgers are also administered within this module, making certain that no invoice goes unpaid. The module produces monthly statements to debtors and allows for copy invoices to be re-sent at the touch of a button.


The Elite Leisure Management Module has been China Fleet’s latest module to integrate. China Fleet had a system supplied by a leading competitor in place when the CRM, Golf and Spa modules were installed. As part of their standardisation and integration plans, China Fleet decided to implement the Elite Leisure Module. This meant that their two separate membership administration systems would be handled by the Elite Membership Administration module and all leisure bookings, courses and lessons would be handled by the Elite Leisure Module. The complete integration means that all enquiries can be dealt with by a single operator without the need to transfer the customer to another operator or open up another system. Customer details, bookings or invoices can all be seen at the same terminal.


The Barn at China Fleet is their health and wellbeing centre. Up to sixteen therapists offering up to one hundred and forty treatments operate in seven treatment rooms. The centre includes a Hair Salon, ESP�s Elite Spa Module takes care of all reservations, so that each member of staff has an electronic diary. The diaries can be accessed from any Elite terminal connected around the network.


China Fleet has an eighteen hole championship golf course with a large demand for society golf, the Elite Group Booking module allows swift administration for event organisers, who have a myriad of packages available. The module allows operators to quickly build the itinerary for the day, and produce detailed confirmation letters and in-house event forms at the touch of a button. These letters and forms can be attached to any specific booking for future reference.

On arrival at reception a “Day Account” is opened for the organisation, and swipe cards issued. This allows event organiser to charge additional items to the account for settlement at the end of the day. A fully itemised invoice is produced and can be charged “On Account” if required.