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Meet the Team – Peter Holder

  • 29th July 2019

ESP caught up with our Product Release Manager, Peter Holder to find out some more about him and his role within the company. How long have you worked for ESP? Just over 5 years now, since May 2014. What was your first role working for ESP? Implementation and Training Consultant. You have a background in golf club operations, how did you find this transition moving across to ESP? Did you find this background useful? Exceedingly useful! Prior to working at ESP I worked across multiple departments of a Golf Club for nearly 10 years; since working at ESP it has been invaluable for me to be able to understand many of the operational needs and challenges that are faced in the industry. The transition was at first daunting, but I quickly realised that there were even more similarities than I first thought and the new role was allowing me to continue to share and consult on best practices but with an even wider range of people. Tell us about your new role, what does it involve? My new role of Release Manager is really exciting for me; the main objective is to give structure to the processes for the release of new software and products. This includes being a part of the whole process including consultation on the design, testing of new functionality and communicating the updates to the team and through to customers. What are some of the projects you are working on? Currently the largest project underway is…

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How Do I Sessions

  • 20th June 2019

Do your end of day reports get interrupted by held transactions? Ever had a booking seemingly disappear off the system? Forgotten how to process payment request letters? ESPs' free online tutorials will help you learn more about the system and walk you through how to resolve these issues and many other quick wins. Taking place once a month, these sessions are designed to provide you, our valued customer, with tips and tricks on navigating the Elite system. The sessions deliver ongoing system best practice knowledge which can speed up or even eliminate these administrative tasks. The tutorials are conducted by one of our experienced trainers, through an online webinar and are attended by customers from all sectors and industries. Established in 2011, these tutorials have already proved to be a great tool in assisting our customers: What an excellent idea to watch the ESP tutorial. Looking forward to the next one. Warsash Sailing Club I think these sessions are great and very informative. Today we had about 12 staff who met for the tutorial. Although we do these ESP processes all the time, we are picking up small tips that speed up the tasks. Please keep these going! Thonock Park The next sessions? Liven up your summer this year with our Key Task Refreshers. From May to August, we will be focusing on refreshing your knowledge surrounding stock processes, the booking pricing matrix and Elite Live. Keep a look out for this month's session displayed on our website, here. You…

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ESP's Summer Key Task Refreshers!

  • 17th June 2019

Want to know how to make greater use of the Elite system but too afraid to ask? This summer, the focus for the How Do I sessions is on key task refreshers. We are pleased to announce the forthcoming tutorial How Do I: Understanding the Booking Pricing Matrix on Tuesday 2nd July, 2019 at 11:00am. Sign Up Here *All training tutorials refer to our V6 Elite solution. If you would like to discuss upgrading, please contact your account manager. **There will be other users of the Elite Software on the web call, and therefore cannot be tailored to your individual site but will be a general guide. ***Sessions usually last up to an hour followed by a brief Q&A.

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ESP are delighted to announce the launch of the new EliteLive iOS app

  • 17th June 2019

The new ESP EliteLive iOS App is now available. A great way for users to fast and efficiently make bookings and manage online activities at venues running Online Bookings via EliteLive and Elite Engage Find out more: Don't hesitate to give the ESP Sales team a call on 0208 251 5100 to discuss how this can benefit your club and your members.

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Making Tax Digital Compliance with Elite Accounts Integration Software

  • 5th June 2019

Let ESP ease the transition process of the new HMRC Making Tax Digital Legislation by providing the Digital Link between your Elite Management Software and your Accounts Software so that you can be confident that this part of your Business complies. Under the new legislation HMRC are insisting that all VAT registered Companies keep full digital records. Manually inputting information onto your accounts system from your Elite Management System will not be acceptable from 2020. "Where records are maintained in more than one system there must be a digital link between each piece of software." The Elite Accounts Integration Software can provide you with the necessary tools to facilitate your digital financial information transfer at the touch of a button, ensuring that your records in Elite and your Accounting Package reconcile. The software also has the added benefit of eliminating manual duplications and errors alongside reducing data entry workloads. Don't delay, order the Elite Integration Software TODAY! Contact our Sales department on 0208 251 5100 or email to arrange placing your order. Dates will go quickly leading up to the HMRC compliance dates, so don't delay and book your implementation now! Further information on MTD can be found by visiting here

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Bite Size Training

  • 1st June 2019

Interested in expanding your teams knowledge of the Elite Software one bite at a time? Book a BiteSize 2.5 Hours Online dedicated session with one of our experienced Training Consultants. Designed and tailored to assist you, our valued customer, in better understanding of Elite software elements and getting the most out of its capabilities. Many businesses can't afford to have staff members out of the business for a whole day at a time to train, so why not try BiteSize! What is it? We recognise how challenging it is to allocate time and resources for a full days training, trying to get staff in the same room, whilst still running the business is difficult to juggle. The aim of BiteSize Training is to provide a cost effective and flexible approach to training that can work around the needs of your business, yet still deliver the key aspects of a formal in-house training session. What does it cover? These BiteSize Sessions can cover refreshers on the basics of using the system, such as creating stock and sales items, using the pricing matrix, choosing and printing customer records. The list is endless. You can also use the BiteSize Session to complete remote training of a new staff member. Are these sessions shared with other venues? No, we believe that providing these sessions 100% focused on your own venue will ensure you get the maximum benefit from the investment. How much does it cost? A 2.5 hour remote session is only 250.00 plus…

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Customer Survey Feedback

  • 31st May 2019

Listening to customers is one thing, but acting on the feedback is much more difficult, earlier this year we invited all our customers to take part in our survey to find out more about the service we provide in the eyes of the customer. Please contact your account manager if you need a copy. Customer service is an endless journey and is something that can always be improved, at ESP Leisure we are committed to this journey and are constantly looking at ways to develop and enhance the service we offer our customers. In the eyes of our customer, Service comes in many guises, from the warm welcome at reception, the reliability of the product, exciting new functionality, to how we deal with your calls. We recognise our customers always have the opportunity to choose other providers, so it's our job to continue to work closely with them to ensure we are delivering a consistent level of service at all times. Over the coming months we will be looking to communicate further updates on what we are working on. If you missed any of the recent news updates, just click on the links below: Our YouTube channel How Do I Dates The EliteLive App

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How Do I Sessions- Key Task Refresher Dates for 2019

  • 25th April 2019

  Key Task Refreshers What to know how to use the system but were always afraid to ask? This summer the focus for the How Do I sessions is on key task refreshers ESP Leisure Ltd Europa House,1 Kimpton Link, Kimpton Road Sutton, Surrey SM3 9QP United Kingdom

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Our ESP Leisure YouTube Channel is Growing

  • 19th March 2019

As part of our ongoing commitment to improve the level of support we offer to our customers, we have now introduced How Do I videos for our v6 software. These can now be found on our YouTube channel. Just click here for our YouTube channel to see the videos currently available. This also includes videos for the v5 software. We will continue extend our library of these with more videos over time.

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A Whole New World, A – Lad – In – Bahrain

  • 9th January 2019

Tuesday November 20th saw Bahrain Rugby Football Club rub the magic ESP lamp and an Elite Version 6 Software Genie came with a bang, this is the story of ESP's first Arabian adventure. Bahrain Rugby Football Club (BRFC) formed in 1971, and now has over 3,000 members. The Club's legendary hospitality mixed with it's fun for all the family vibe provides a home away from home for a huge expatriate community, with classes and activities for Old and Young. The team is headed by GM Derek McKenzie, a CMM accredited General Manger with over 30 years club management experience; 17 years working overseas. BRFC has grown to become one of the largest and prestigious private members club in the Bahrain. Traditionally one of the finest sporting clubs in the region, the Rugby 1st XV are the current West Asia Cup Champions. The Club itself hasn't stopped growing since it's formation in 1971 and whilst the facilities are of good standard there are plans afoot for a club house and sporting arena development in the future. Not only is BRFC Club with great sporting pedigree, it is equally as famous for it's events - not at least the huge 'Trib-Fest' Concert held at the club bi - annually, 'Trib-Fest' a 12 - hour music festival featuring the best Tribute acts from all over the globe. In a project spanning 3 visits to the Arabian Gulf, Implementation & Training Consultant Bob Howe configured the system and was responsible for 'showing the staff…

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